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August 24 - Friday Morning
10:09 AM

It's been ages since posted my last blog entry. There has been a lot of changes in my life, one of which is we just recently moved from Quezon City to our new home here in Rodriguez Rizal (formerly Montalban). I hadn't had internet conection for almost two months. Further more, if I was able to write something here, most are paid ads, but on the nth time... I'll gonna try to revive this up. This will be my online diary from now on.

love struckI would like to tell you something about my day today.Me and my boyfriend Jojo work up at around 6 am today. We vowed to wake up early because we want to watch the DVD movie we purchased yesterday at Robinson's Montalban. It's a Korean movie story entitled "Lovestruck". It was recommended by my friend Jaja. She told me to watch that movie first before I watch the movie "My Sassy Girl". I've been looking for that movie since we've watched a part of it in the bus on my way to the office. When we've found that yesterday, I got so excited and bought it immediately.

Tonight will be my first night at work after my 9 day vacation because of my sore eyes. Its actually a mixed emotion but I know I'm excited to work again. I don't know if it's because I miss my officemates or I miss the job itself. I'm still half hearted about leaving the office because of another job but I know God will be the one to guide me to the right path. Will update you about this job I've been talking about. Hopefully my shift today will not be stressful.


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