Life in the Mountains

It's been almost four months now since we've decided to live a peaceful life here in our new home in Montalban Rizal. So far so good. Although it's really tiring to commute to and fro from the office, it's still fulfilling as I can proudly say that I am living in my own home. Though literally, it's still not mine, it's still with Pag-ibig but I am paying for it little by little till we complete the total cost of the house. It's really an act of faith for me as I am just a regular employee earning no more than 35k monthly. I am planning to get my retirement pay that would sum up to approx 150K so I can start buying things for my new house. I plan to apply again for another job that would be lighter this time, hopefully not from a call center industry. My hubby would be soon applying for a job as a seaman, if that thing would happen, I would probably just stay at home and work online instead. That would be a dream come true for both of us. It will not only pay for the house and other bills, it would also enable me to manage my life better. If God permits, all of these things would come to pass.


Marissa said…
congratulations on your new home! you inspire me :)
myles said…
@ms. marissa - thanks sis! long time no hear hahaha! grabe sis ngayon lang ulet ako nagblog. naiinis ako sa sarili ko ngayon lang ulet ako sinipag. hay. thanks for checking on my blog pa rin ha. :)

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