A Prayer for Papa


Jesus, my papa is in the hospital right now. He suffered a mild stroke that made him unable to speak. I asked my hubby to check him out as I'm afraid to see him in this kind of situation. I know I should be there to comfort him...but until I'm able to make sure that he is not in that kinda serious situation...I won't go. It's not selfishness but more of a fear of seeing the worst. I don't want to lose him yet...not yet... I still have so many promises that haven't been materialized yet. Lord, I know and I claim your promises about giving us good health and abundant life. I claim it now Lord. You said in your words that those who are weary can go to you for the yolk you'll give us is easy and your burden is light. Jesus, I pray for my papa's fast recovery and I will make sure I will be a different person. Please Lord hear my plea. I love you Lord.



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