My Papa's Confinement

When I first heard that he was hospitalized and has been brought to the hospital, I still havent absorbed it yet. Even though my brother is bombarding me with so many text messages asking me to go to the hospital…I havent. I just told him I’ll get my husband and let him go on my behalf. The reason behind this is because I don’t want to see my father in a helpless situation. I can’t bear the thought that the person who is strong, who normally is the one who helps me in any situation I’m facing is lying there in a hospital bed, not able to do things he normally does. Cannot even speak! It breaks my heart seeing my father go through this…so I told my brother I’ll go when he’s feeling okay already. I know deep in my heart he’ll recover …so I plan to visit him on his third day. Upon seeing him, we both cried. I know he wants to see me badly and is trying his best to show me that he has been fully recovered. Instead of lying down, he pushed himself to sit in his bed and trying his best to utter a word. I know he wants to show me how much he loves me and that I am the reason why he fights this battle. I on the other hand cant control my tears. I just said I love him and that he better be okay as my birthday is fast approaching. Before this, we already had a talk on what will happen on my birthday. He, together with his whole family will be visiting me at our house in Montalban and we'll have a great time! He nodded and promised me that he will be okay by then. Lord thanks for my papa's fast recovery. Though he is still not able to really speak fluently as of this time, some of his words are now understandable. I was very touched by what he said at that time we came to visit him at his house, "basta andyan ka lang nak...fight!".I know he will fight anything for me...that's how Papa shows me he loves doing everything for me...


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