My Mom's Birthday Celebration @ The Landmark

Today is my mom's 6th birthday! Good thing, I was allowed to go on a leave for two days as I literally beg my Supervisor haha! That's the reason why he is still my favorite Sup - he is so understanding and as long as there is no real impact in the center, it's OK with him. I hope all Supervisors/Managers would be like him. Very warm, intelligent and funny.

Anyways, since I'm free the whole day, I went with my team for a breakfast cum chikahan at Wendys Emerald Avenue. We talked about a loooot of things. We stayed there for about 3 straight hours just talking about one topic. I'ts very sensitive so I will just keep my mouth shut about it - but it's really interesting. :)

I texted my hubby to come and just see me at Trinoma mall as well gonna celebrate mom's birthday. Texted mama as well and she agreed in meeting us there. I took MRT to avoid traffic and from Ortigas Station to Trinoma - it only took me 15 mins. Yey! Saw Jojo waiting for me on the entrance lobby. Texted mom to know where she is and  surprisingly - she is early this time. Met at Landmark foodcourt and found her eating Jollibee breakfast meal. She said she was hungry and could'nt wait for us anymore. So after she've eaten her breakfast, we went upstairs and strolled. We're supposed to watch a movie "Four Sisters and a Wedding" but I  don't find it interesting. Checked the available rest
os and went back to where else, Landmark foodcourt! Hahaha! What we love about this particular place is it's not crowded, it's cold and there are a lot of food choices. Mom got her senior citizen's card ready and off we went to order.

Jojo is the first to buy his food - chicken and liempo combo from Baliwag Lechon. Yummy! Only cost us P80 for the whole meal with softdrinks and one extra rice. It's because of mom's magic senior card.

Mom is next, she ordered double Salisbury Steak plus medium coke - costed us only P87. 

And this one is mine, sinigang na ulo ng maya maya with extra rice- which I only paid for P90! Woohoo!

After lunch, we just decided to go home early. The rain poured so hard while were in the FX going home. I nearly took a bath outdoors because of that heavy rain. Good thing we were able to get a tricycle right away which took us right in front of our doors. Spent the whole afternoon relaxing while Jojo cooked pancit for mom's birthday.

This is indeed a simple and memorable way of celebrating my mom's birthday. What's important is we are together and that she enjoyed her day. Lord, please bless her with long and fulfilling life. Amen.


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