Invading SM Fairview

I've been very excited to go home last Wednesday as it's our last shift for the week! Met my hubby at Alimall Cubao as we'll gonna go to SM Fairview today to have our weekly bonding with my mom. This week, we decided to watch eat out and watch a movie. We normally spend our bonding day at Trinoma/Landmark because it is just one FX and one tricycle away from our village. It is definitely easier and more convenient commute experience if we spend the day there however, we've decided to change our route and try strolling in SM Fairview. Anyways, it's just two jeepneys away from our house and we're sure that transpo is available even if we go home late at night.

Anyways, we met mama at the foodcourt at around 2:30 PM. She is in high spirit as she received a text message from my sister Ate Neng from Singapore informing her that she already sent her montly allowance just earlier that day. I was surprised to know that Ate also sent me P4K! She used to give me P4K montly for the last 12 months because she is the one paying for the kitchen and wall contruction of my house but we've already finished paying for it last month. I was pleasantly surprised and because of that -I treated them with a KFC bucket meal!

Mom craved for Fried Chicken so here it is! Of couse, we used her Senior Citizens Card again hahaha!

with my hubby Jojo

After a hearty meal, we've watched a movie TUHOG starring Eugene Domingo, Leo Martinez, Enchong Dee and Jake Cuenca. The movie started at around 4:20 PM, we came just in time at 4:10 PM. It's a very nice movie - more like an Indie one but the plot is superb! It's a story of three different people all rolled into one. Makes you think that life is too short and that we all need to number our days... in that way - you'll give more, enjoy life more, love more... Two thumbs up! I'll give you a brief review of the movie on my other blog.

highly recommended movie! 
After the movie, I bought two rubbershoes - one for me and one for my younger brother...and it only costed me P400! It's on a sale - buy one take one.

the first one is mine, the second is for OJ, my 17 year old bro
The movie finished at around 6PM, we strolled for 30 minutes after that and got home at around 7PM. Super tired as I haven't had sleep since 11 PM the previous day so I'm a dead kid right after we came home. I super enjoyed this day and I hope our next bonding moment with Mom and Hubby will be as enjoyable as this one. God is good all the time!


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