Yes! I finally decided to resign on my job as an RST in CVG and tried working as an IT Analyst in HP. My friend Gk is the one who convinced me to work in this company. I can still remember the first time I heard about it, I already got curious and wanted to try it out right there and then but there's one thing that hinder me - the office location. Their only office by then is on Taguig City and it would be very far from where I currently reside which is in Rodriguez Rizal. Good thing is the company finally had set up another office in  Quezon Avenue! Yehey! Everything really worked out for me. And that’s what pushed me to apply.

It happened so fast, GK - our friend who is currently working in HP informed us that there is a "walk in" event the next day. I was hesitant at first because I am not ready for an exam and an interview but when my bestfriend at work Ice told me that she will go for it...I also took the chance.

Right after my shift at 12nn, my hubby fetched me and off we went to Taguig riding a taxi. At that time, I already knew that Ice passed her initial  exam. I asked her for pointers and she generously shared it. She said she didn't even know why she passed because it's just a guessing game according to her lol.
GK, Ice and Omar (one of GK's friends) saw me downstairs, they went down as it is in time for lunch. We ate at Army Navy while discussing the possible answers to possible questions in the exam. To be honest with you, I still don't have the intention of resigning anytime soon. Omar and I will take the exam together at 3PM while Ice is waiting for her turn in the initial interview. While reviewing, I've noticed Omar isn't as nervous as I am. Most likely because it's his 3rd time to apply in this company.

At around 4PM, I and Omar took the exam. The first part is English proficiency - which is just easy. Simple word construction and the like. Then came the technical part, phew, it's super HARD! Though it's a multiple choice type of exam...it's really hard! No idea at all… I don't know how I was able to manage to pass the exam but for sure, there has been a miracle that happened that time. Something like a divine intervention. Haha!

So here I am, happy and fulfilled in this new adventure of mine.  After 7 years of working in Convergys...I finally decided to bid my final farewell to the company I served so well. It has been so good to me. Because of CVG, I was able to buy my own house. Because of CVG, I met beautiful people that I intend to keep all my life.

And now on this new adventure, I promise not to commit the same mistakes again. I will push myself to the limit and will never be afraid to take risks anymore. I'll do my best so I can honor God with my talents and be a blessing to others as well. 


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