Update Update

After two years, I'm back on this blog! Thank God I was permitted to go on Maternity Leave three weeks before my actual delivery (yes I am now 8 month pregnant finally!) and I was given a chance to update my blogs. Do you know that I have a total of 37 blogs all in all? Haha. I really would like to update all of them so I have created a to do list everyday to what blog I will update for the day. Really miss those times when blogging has been a bread and butter of mine for almost two years. I wonder if there are still sites  that pays for reviews but I will just cross the bridge when I get there. The goal right now is to update each and every blogs I have (the more blogs, the more opportunities), update it for almost three months to get a high PR and get as many writing opportunities as I can. Now that I will soon be a mother, I need to save as much as I can for her future. Though my hubby now has a work as an Uber driver, I know it's still important to be able to save for the future for our family. I hope and pray that I can make it this time. I want to have a business of my own, a passive income and a work online besides my regular job. Super excited to see what's in store for us. Will update you.


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