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It's No Big Deal!

It's 5:52 AM and I'm writing in our garage. I can feel the cool breeze of December air while my hubby walks around the front of the house to breath the morning air. Can't stop myself from thinking of how God blessed my life with all of these things. Can't think of anything I did to deserve these...

The past year has been so far the best year of my life. Though it's not full of adventures as others have, I can say it's been a year of realizations. I've learned a lot of things about myself and my faith. Because of those realizations, I pledge to change for the better. I don't want to be trapped into a never ending square one my favorite author Bro. Bo said in his Sunday program. "the element or success doesn't have a slogan of Ready, Aim, should be Aim, Fire! Aim, Fire! Aim Fire!" We need to try and do it...if it doesn't work the first time, try again and just do it...until you succeed. Was one of those people who dr…

On Being A Lazy Blogger

I haven't blogged for almost three months now and usually when I do, it would be just for the sake of online marketing. I hate myself for being lazy especially in writing. Before, blogging was my passion. Can't live a single day without putting in some ideas over my daily journal, but now things have changed. Most likely because I already have dozens of blogs that I really haven't checked for a long time. I miss doing things I've been doing before. Just blogging about things that interests me and not just for the purpose of earning from it. I wish to go back to the time when I am still very passionate in learning new things.

 I guess this is the best time for me to level up as my friend Ruthie said. I have been on my own little space for almost seven years now and I haven't improved drastically compared to others. Need to meet new friends, learn new hobbies....anything just to improve myself. Wish me luck on this new challenge I'll gonna face. Hopefully when I …

Short Term Payday Loans

Are you short of cash and needed money badly for some emergency purchases? Is your payday two weeks away from now? Worry no more as you can apply for payday loans. Payday loans are short term loan that you can get which you can pay in your next payday. This loan can be renewed and a borrower can even choose a payment plan. What's good about this loan is that the application can be done at the comfort of your own home. Just a few clicks from a computer and you can now avail of such payday loans. It's all 100% online application, no hidden costs and cash can be sent within 15 minutes once approved. I myself would like to avail of such loan because I'll gonna need to buy some stuff for the house since my brother would visit our place next week. Its an unplanned visit and since I don't have enough money to buy groceries for their stay, I will apply for such payday loans which I intend to pay in my next payout which is two weeks away from now. I'm positive that I coul…

Life in the Mountains

It's been almost four months now since we've decided to live a peaceful life here in our new home in Montalban Rizal. So far so good. Although it's really tiring to commute to and fro from the office, it's still fulfilling as I can proudly say that I am living in my own home. Though literally, it's still not mine, it's still with Pag-ibig but I am paying for it little by little till we complete the total cost of the house. It's really an act of faith for me as I am just a regular employee earning no more than 35k monthly. I am planning to get my retirement pay that would sum up to approx 150K so I can start buying things for my new house. I plan to apply again for another job that would be lighter this time, hopefully not from a call center industry. My hubby would be soon applying for a job as a seaman, if that thing would happen, I would probably just stay at home and work online instead. That would be a dream come true for both of us. It will not only pa…

Custom Writing Services in a Flash

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 Do you need to finish that essay in a rush? No worries, you can have you essay done in the next 12 hours! They can get the quality essay you need definitely within the deadline. Whats good about the service is that you can contact the writer directly whenever you have ques…

A Little Drama

August 31, 2012
Friday Morning
9:05 am

It's my rest day! Finally! After a week of working 10 hours daily, finally we get to rest and enjoy our off. What's good is that it falls on a payday! woohoo! I was really shocked to know that the pay this cut off is waaay better than the previous ones. It's like it's 150% of the usual salary I received in the past. Makes me think twice in resigning soon. Well, I love the company, it gives me the freedom to choose the path I want for my life. I would probably have to extend my stay till next year...well see.

Hubby went to the bank today to deposit our house monthly ammortization. Mom came at aroun 2PM and had a heated discussion with me regarding her allowance. I cried again. It's just because I pity myself. I know I have a responsibility to my parents, I know in return for their care and sacrifices in the past...I have a monetary obligation to them. What I don't like about the situation is that, she makes it obvious that …

Borough Brekky

August 25
Saturday Afternoon
5:22 PM

I was about to get ready to go to work as my shift tonight will start at 8:15 PM however I feel I need to blog about what happen to my day in a daily manner to make it a habit. So here I am documenting important things that happened earlier.

I and Icey was invited  by Mark Yu, our batch mate (actually I forced him to invite us) for a quick breakfast at Borough Podium. I've never heard of the place but Ice told me its cozy. So after our shift,we went directly to the place and yes it is, the place is indeed cold, cozy and class. Mark is already waiting for us inside. The reason why he will treat us for breakfast is because he was promoted as a Quality Specialist. Well, I was shocked to know at first that I was not even asked to be interviewed for the same position. As far as I can remember, I passed my application last February and haven't heard of any openings yet. However, I've learned that the position are already being offered to them…

Online Diary

August 24 - Friday Morning
10:09 AM

It's been ages since posted my last blog entry. There has been a lot of changes in my life, one of which is we just recently moved from Quezon City to our new home here in Rodriguez Rizal (formerly Montalban). I hadn't had internet conection for almost two months. Further more, if I was able to write something here, most are paid ads, but on the nth time... I'll gonna try to revive this up. This will be my online diary from now on.

I would like to tell you something about my day today.Me and my boyfriend Jojo work up at around 6 am today. We vowed to wake up early because we want to watch the DVD movie we purchased yesterday at Robinson's Montalban. It's a Korean movie story entitled "Lovestruck". It was recommended by my friend Jaja. She told me to watch that movie first before I watch the movie "My Sassy Girl". I've been looking for that movie since we've watched a part of it in the bus on my way to …

New House, New Life

Finally after five years of wanting and wishing to have a house of my own, it has finally come true! Next month, I together with my hubby will be moving in to our new house in a hill. It's a subdivision near my mom's house. Not only will we have a chance to see her more often, we'll also able to bond with her more as the mall is just ten minutes away from our house. Though the place is farther from where I presently work, I still prefer to live there in the mountains. Mainly because it's so peaceful there. I feel the warmth of nature and it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I feel good about my decision and I'm looking forward to live there.

There are a number of things I need to buy for our new house. One of which is our dining set. I want our dining table to be made of wood as well as the chairs. I also need to buy lighting materials. My mom said I should settle for the usual incandescent lights but I want to add more drama into it so I'm thi…

The Wise Use of Time

I stumble upon one of my old blog entries and was able to see this short but very inspiring story..I want to share it with you as it is a reminder that you need not do the things the hard way to succeed. All you need to have is the knowledge on how to do things the right way...

Two men cut wood all day long. One worked straight through without stopping to rest. At the end of the day, he had a sizeable pile of logs. The other would chop for 50 minutes and then take a ten-minute break. At the end of the day, he had a much larger pile.

"How could you chop more?", asked the man who'd worked continuously. His friend replied, "When I stopped for rest, I also sharpened my ax." - Thomas B. Welch Jr.

Happy New Year Everyone!

This is just a short post just to greet everyone a Happy New Year! This is also the beginning of a new life for this blog. It's been quite sometime now since I last updated this blog. I'm back to square one. I want to update this blog as often as I can so I can have many blog post offers that will enable to me to get many blog post offers so I can pay my house amortization. I really hope I can have the will and the time to improve this blog. I'll try my best to update this at least twice a week. Will update you about how my new year went on my next post! Aja!