Thank You for My Father's Life Lord

Phew, we just had our Final Practical Exam yesterday and continuation today. I really pray I was able to pass with flying colors. I don't want to retake the exams anymore especially that asked my superior if I could go half day today as my father has been rushed to the hospital this morning. I received a text message from my younger brother that he's been confined to a hospital somewhere in Sampaloc Manila. Since it's our final exam today and I can't take a leave off work - I just asked my husband to go to the hospital to check my father's health situation. It's already the third if not the fourth time he had a stroke and whenever my brother send me a text message - I always nearly die in I pray he won't have another one. Good thing, I just received a text message from my brother that my father is now doing well. He can now sit down and speak. You don't know how relieved I was upon learning that. God is good all the time. He still gave me a chance to make up for those times I wasn't able to bond with my father.

Lord, you have been so good to me. Not once did you fail me. Some of my prayers was never granted because you have a better option for me. Everything is working out for my own good. Never will I ever doubt you Lord, never will I give up trusting you. Thank You.


Training Days

 It's has been a crazy week for us. Since were still on training, there has been a lot of exams given to us to test our knowledge about each module we discussed. It’s really tiring but as far as the result is concerned, I'm very happy. Out of four exams we had, I only had one mistake all in all which is really a good start for me. I really want to make it big as in "BIG" here in HP so I'm making my path straight as early as now. Earlier today, we had a 40 item quiz  which is like a summary of all the modules we've discussed for the past two weeks…. and as expected I got a perfect score. After our exam, we had a side by side session with the RM team - we are supposed to observe what they do and how they handle tickets. The first Analyst that was assigned to me is also a newbie - her name is Manilyn. She just got hired four months ago and she gave me tips on how to be able to manage my time in creating tickets. At that time, she has been assigned to do one task the whole day so she recommended that I try to observe someone who is creating an actual ticket. So my training asked another Analyst to accommodate me though he is already teaching my co-trainee on how the process works - and the second guy is helpful but not very accommodating, maybe because my guy batch mate is asking sooo many questions about his job. Actually, before we went to the floor to observe, we were already informed that we are not supposed to ask questions to make sure their SLA would be met - however, my co-trainee is bombarding him with questions that hampered his productivity. Maybe that is the reason why he said he will definitely go on "OT" that day to complete his task, though I admire his professionalism as he answered all of my co-trainees question in a professional manner.

The day went well… it's not as hectic as it was yesterday and I even had the chance to blog. Hopefully I would be able to post often from now on so I can get back to my old habit of blogging and earn lots of moolah. Goodluck to me.



Yes! I finally decided to resign on my job as an RST in CVG and tried working as an IT Analyst in HP. My friend Gk is the one who convinced me to work in this company. I can still remember the first time I heard about it, I already got curious and wanted to try it out right there and then but there's one thing that hinder me - the office location. Their only office by then is on Taguig City and it would be very far from where I currently reside which is in Rodriguez Rizal. Good thing is the company finally had set up another office in  Quezon Avenue! Yehey! Everything really worked out for me. And that’s what pushed me to apply.

It happened so fast, GK - our friend who is currently working in HP informed us that there is a "walk in" event the next day. I was hesitant at first because I am not ready for an exam and an interview but when my bestfriend at work Ice told me that she will go for it...I also took the chance.

Right after my shift at 12nn, my hubby fetched me and off we went to Taguig riding a taxi. At that time, I already knew that Ice passed her initial  exam. I asked her for pointers and she generously shared it. She said she didn't even know why she passed because it's just a guessing game according to her lol.
GK, Ice and Omar (one of GK's friends) saw me downstairs, they went down as it is in time for lunch. We ate at Army Navy while discussing the possible answers to possible questions in the exam. To be honest with you, I still don't have the intention of resigning anytime soon. Omar and I will take the exam together at 3PM while Ice is waiting for her turn in the initial interview. While reviewing, I've noticed Omar isn't as nervous as I am. Most likely because it's his 3rd time to apply in this company.

At around 4PM, I and Omar took the exam. The first part is English proficiency - which is just easy. Simple word construction and the like. Then came the technical part, phew, it's super HARD! Though it's a multiple choice type of exam...it's really hard! No idea at all… I don't know how I was able to manage to pass the exam but for sure, there has been a miracle that happened that time. Something like a divine intervention. Haha!

So here I am, happy and fulfilled in this new adventure of mine.  After 7 years of working in Convergys...I finally decided to bid my final farewell to the company I served so well. It has been so good to me. Because of CVG, I was able to buy my own house. Because of CVG, I met beautiful people that I intend to keep all my life.

And now on this new adventure, I promise not to commit the same mistakes again. I will push myself to the limit and will never be afraid to take risks anymore. I'll do my best so I can honor God with my talents and be a blessing to others as well. 


Invading SM Fairview

I've been very excited to go home last Wednesday as it's our last shift for the week! Met my hubby at Alimall Cubao as we'll gonna go to SM Fairview today to have our weekly bonding with my mom. This week, we decided to watch eat out and watch a movie. We normally spend our bonding day at Trinoma/Landmark because it is just one FX and one tricycle away from our village. It is definitely easier and more convenient commute experience if we spend the day there however, we've decided to change our route and try strolling in SM Fairview. Anyways, it's just two jeepneys away from our house and we're sure that transpo is available even if we go home late at night.

Anyways, we met mama at the foodcourt at around 2:30 PM. She is in high spirit as she received a text message from my sister Ate Neng from Singapore informing her that she already sent her montly allowance just earlier that day. I was surprised to know that Ate also sent me P4K! She used to give me P4K montly for the last 12 months because she is the one paying for the kitchen and wall contruction of my house but we've already finished paying for it last month. I was pleasantly surprised and because of that -I treated them with a KFC bucket meal!

Mom craved for Fried Chicken so here it is! Of couse, we used her Senior Citizens Card again hahaha!

with my hubby Jojo

After a hearty meal, we've watched a movie TUHOG starring Eugene Domingo, Leo Martinez, Enchong Dee and Jake Cuenca. The movie started at around 4:20 PM, we came just in time at 4:10 PM. It's a very nice movie - more like an Indie one but the plot is superb! It's a story of three different people all rolled into one. Makes you think that life is too short and that we all need to number our days... in that way - you'll give more, enjoy life more, love more... Two thumbs up! I'll give you a brief review of the movie on my other blog.

highly recommended movie! 
After the movie, I bought two rubbershoes - one for me and one for my younger brother...and it only costed me P400! It's on a sale - buy one take one.

the first one is mine, the second is for OJ, my 17 year old bro
The movie finished at around 6PM, we strolled for 30 minutes after that and got home at around 7PM. Super tired as I haven't had sleep since 11 PM the previous day so I'm a dead kid right after we came home. I super enjoyed this day and I hope our next bonding moment with Mom and Hubby will be as enjoyable as this one. God is good all the time!


My Mom's Birthday Celebration @ The Landmark

Today is my mom's 6th birthday! Good thing, I was allowed to go on a leave for two days as I literally beg my Supervisor haha! That's the reason why he is still my favorite Sup - he is so understanding and as long as there is no real impact in the center, it's OK with him. I hope all Supervisors/Managers would be like him. Very warm, intelligent and funny.

Anyways, since I'm free the whole day, I went with my team for a breakfast cum chikahan at Wendys Emerald Avenue. We talked about a loooot of things. We stayed there for about 3 straight hours just talking about one topic. I'ts very sensitive so I will just keep my mouth shut about it - but it's really interesting. :)

I texted my hubby to come and just see me at Trinoma mall as well gonna celebrate mom's birthday. Texted mama as well and she agreed in meeting us there. I took MRT to avoid traffic and from Ortigas Station to Trinoma - it only took me 15 mins. Yey! Saw Jojo waiting for me on the entrance lobby. Texted mom to know where she is and  surprisingly - she is early this time. Met at Landmark foodcourt and found her eating Jollibee breakfast meal. She said she was hungry and could'nt wait for us anymore. So after she've eaten her breakfast, we went upstairs and strolled. We're supposed to watch a movie "Four Sisters and a Wedding" but I  don't find it interesting. Checked the available rest
os and went back to where else, Landmark foodcourt! Hahaha! What we love about this particular place is it's not crowded, it's cold and there are a lot of food choices. Mom got her senior citizen's card ready and off we went to order.

Jojo is the first to buy his food - chicken and liempo combo from Baliwag Lechon. Yummy! Only cost us P80 for the whole meal with softdrinks and one extra rice. It's because of mom's magic senior card.

Mom is next, she ordered double Salisbury Steak plus medium coke - costed us only P87. 

And this one is mine, sinigang na ulo ng maya maya with extra rice- which I only paid for P90! Woohoo!

After lunch, we just decided to go home early. The rain poured so hard while were in the FX going home. I nearly took a bath outdoors because of that heavy rain. Good thing we were able to get a tricycle right away which took us right in front of our doors. Spent the whole afternoon relaxing while Jojo cooked pancit for mom's birthday.

This is indeed a simple and memorable way of celebrating my mom's birthday. What's important is we are together and that she enjoyed her day. Lord, please bless her with long and fulfilling life. Amen.


Demotivated - Again...

For the nth time, I feel down again. It must be because I've learned that I will be handling another team and I will now be forced to leave my current team whom I love so much. We've been together for 3 months now and so far, I don't have any complaints about the team...aside from that one thing that I would not disclose here for security reasons haha! Well I really feel sad and confused on what path I want to take. I don't know what path I would pursue and I'm still undecided at 33. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the turtle on the monkey vs turtle race.  I feel tired, weak and very fragile. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day...



Hayz, I don't know what's wrong with me as I literally drag myself to write a post here. I used to be very excited whenever I post something here but I'm running out of words and I really feel inadequate. There's really something wrong. Starting tomorrow, I will start my30 day habbit. According to my favorite author and preacher Bo Sanchez, if you want to be successful in something..you need to constantly do it at least in the next 30 days. If so, it will be a habit of yours you will continually do it even after 30 days. I will start tomorrow...I hope I can do this! Aja!


Floorwalking Task

At last! I've got my choice of restdays! Saturday-Sunday off, who wouldn't want it? Though my shift starts at 3am, I have no problem with that as my old teammate's sched is 12am to 9am so they'll just be 3 hours ahead of me - which means, we can go on lunch together. Everything was so perfect until Jana texted me saying there is a new thing going on with our LOB. I was so excited and at the same time scared of what changes would that be. I've waited for her to sign in to Facebook so we could chat. And at around 4PM, I heard the shocking news...

We will now be the Floorwalker!!! OMG! I am not ready for this and we didn't even signed up for this! I was really shocked to hear that. That means we will have a team to support - almost 15 agents in each team. We now have a TL to assist and more responsibility awaits us. I know this is a dream of mine, being able to go up the ladder to be a TL and soon to be a Manager...but it happened too soon. I am not ready nor prepared for it. Lots of inhibitions and hesitations are running in my mind. What if I don't know the answer to an agents question? What if I was not able to live up to the TL's expectations? What if I fail?

Good thing, God was able to remind me of what He said when things like this happens in our lives. I and Jojo attended Bro. Bo's mass on TV and that's when God spoke to me. When things are uncertain and you feel that you are inadequate. It's all in Romans 8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God." I'm sure that whatever happens...this is a good thing. Lord thank you for letting me share this Bible verse to my friend Icey who is going through a rough time right now.I'm happy she appreciates it, even showed it on Instagram.

Praise you Lord! At all times!


Reconcilliation with Mama

For one and a half months, Mom and I is in war. Well, it happened one time when we're not able to unlock our gate. Were living in the same subdivision and at that time, she texted me that she will be going to my place to plant some orchids which she purchased earlier that day. I wasn't able to text back because my celphone doesn't have any credits and because of that, I totally forgot all about it since I just came from work. So what happened was we slept early that day forgetting about mom's text message. That's it! She went to my place knocking out loud saying bad things against us. She thought we don't want her going to our place at all. She is shouting so loud and I'm sure our neighbors were able to hear our whole convesation.

It's really a painful experience for me as I feel I don't deserve being treated that way. If not because of my sister Ate Ems who is now based in Singapore, who told me to just keep it cool and just let it pass because Mama is not getting any younger.... I won't initiate our reconcilliation. But I'm happy I did. I was able to free myself from anger and resentment against my mom whom I love so much. And because of that, I've decided to ask her to eat out at Trinoma after my shift. When I saw her I kissed her and hugged her saying I love and I miss her. I know she felt that way and she was also so happy seeing me again after almost two months. It's a fun experience being with Mama and spending time again with her.

As what I've posted on my Facebook account, I now know why we often clash...it's because were similar in many ways..and I know that this love/hate saga that we have is what makes our relationship stronger. Thank you Lord for giving me this chance to show my love and respect to my mom and I hope we wont have such terrible fight ever again.


Farewell Malentod!

Yesterday I've met with my bestfriends Malen and Ruthie because it's like Malen's last few days here in Manila before she goes to Singapore to try and see her luck. We've been talking about this for quite sometime now and I didn't realize she would have enough courage to pursue it. I know she's brave and independent so she will definitely survive, unlike me who's been so dependent on my hubby I can't even commute alone! Anyway, we met at Eastwood and had our lunch at Seafood Island. It'll be on me and Ruthie as our farewell treat to dear Malen. We had a lot of fun chicka as usual and I've brought them up the good news that I have been given a different task in the office. I've also learned that Ruthie was already promoted as a Supervisor so it's really some sort of a celebration for all of us. For all the good things that happened to our professional career and to our life in general, but before we went to eat lunch - Ruth gave us a present... a scarf! She's been always generous to us, she's like an ate to both me and Malen though she is the youngest. Haha! Maybe it's her very strong personality that makes us feel she is always in control.

After a hearty lunch at Seafood Island..we strolled around a bit, just to have some exercise after that glutonny bonding moment, lol. We went to a Sony shop as Ruth wants to buy a digicam. Went to a Samsung shop as well as she is planning to buy a Samsung Note II worth P36,000. I said "what?!" and asked her to think about it first while Malen said "Go for it". At one point, I guess I've realized what's different in us when it comes to money matters. Even if I have P36,000 to spare for that piece of device, I would rather think of some sort of an investment for it. I won't splurge on any electronic device unless I badly need it. I can buy something that would give me the same kind of pleasure for a cheaper price...it doesn't have to be that expensive. That is the reason why I don't expose myself on high end material things...I don\t want to be on a position that I won't be able to sleep because of an attachment to material things..and I'm happy that I was able to firmly hold that principle. I'm happy to live a simplier and happy life. Maybe it's just me because I have my own priorities. Maybe it's different for Ruthie as she does have money to spare.

I remember one chapter in Bro. Bo's book...it talks about attachment to material things. When his parents gave him his first car, it was an old car with no stereo, no aircon and yet he was so ecstatic and very grateful to his parents because they gave it to him. For sometime he felt he had the best car there is. He never sees any flaws on it and feels very grateful that he had this car. But when his friend asked him to test drive his brand new top of the line car, he felt his car is just a piece of trash. Since then, all the minor issues on his car is very evident. He wants a new car, not the old car he's been driving for quite sometime now. The same car he've learned to love and cherish. The car who was once the apple of his eye. I'm not saying we should not upgrade or aim to have greater things, but we should only do this if we have an extremely abundant spare of money... like Ruthie hahaha!

After strolling down the Eastwood Mall, Ruthie announced that she will treat us with a dessert since she has been recently promoted so off we went to La Creperie and have eaten what else but a crepe hahaha! I don't recall what its called but it consists of a chocolate and mango, that's what I remembered. It's quite an experience as its my first time there. Maybe I should expose myself into those type of restos in the future. Lovely experience!

My hubby fetched me at around 8PM and after so many picture takens...we finally bid my farewell to Malenski. She will try to see if she could get a job and she promised us that we can come and visit her in her apartment after 8 months. I hope I can save enough for our Singapore adventure!

 Lord, bless her and please give her the desires of her heart. I will definitely miss her.


In Getting Out of my Comfort Zone

"Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and do things you want the least to be able to get the things you want the most..."

I believe it's true. For almost seven years, I have always been afraid. Afraid of failure. That's my worst nightmare...that's why I remained on where I am for sooo many years. I haven't failed...but I haven't succeeded as well. 

Just recently, a new role was offered to me by my former superior. It's to be a part of specialist group.  The job description would be different. We'll gonna handle chats, supcalls and callbacks from tier1 agents. I won't deny the fact that I would love to be  a part of that team...I've been doing the same old duty for seven years, I think it's high time for me to challenge myself and try a different role. There's only one thing that would hinder me from applying for that position, my friend Ice. She's been my wavemate and my teammate for almost seven years. We never left each other's side. I admit, the reason why I've been able to stay for seven years in my present company is partly because of her. She's like my comfort zone and I know whatever happens here...she got my back. 

The day I was informed that I was shortlisted, I asked her if its okay with her. I know she wants the best for me...and though I can feel it that she doesn't want to be away from me...she agreed saying "I know this is what you want so go...". I was extremely happy to hear that. Though I would definitely miss her, I know we could get over it as we are still just in one company. Right after I transferred to a new team, there has been a chain ovents that happened. Their team has been dispersed as our previous TL was offered a different position and what's worse is that she was transferred to a team in which the TL is someone she doesn't like even before. And yesterday, it just happened. She told me she will be resigning. 

I felt bad... really bad. I felt in a way, I am a contributor to her decision to leave. If I haven't left her, she would still get the support that she badly needs. I hope and pray she does what's best for her. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, maybe this is just a test of faith. But whatever it is, I hope God would leave her to the right path where fulfillment and happiness lies...


My 33rd Boitday!

Since papa has been hospitalized, I stopped thinking of how I want to celebrate my birthday. Before I would think of maybe having a party at home, would ask my brother’s family to come over and I’ll cook some dishes. Or maybe I’ll invite my friends in the office or college or high school barkada to come and see our new house. Well probably have a dvd marathon overnight while doing our tomaan session, we could go jogging in the morning or go swimming in a nearby resort. All of those plans are set aside and my world stopped moving since Papa had a mild stroke days before my birthday.

Good thing he recovered. He is now able to walk and somehow talk. We can now understand what he is saying though he needs to say it slowly. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to just treat them out on my birthday. No more fancy celebration. I’ve realized that this should be a celebration of my dad’s fast recovery rather than my birthday. So off we went to SM centerpoint. Me and hubby came at exactly 1PM. Weve waited for them for just about ten minutes and at last, I saw my Papa waiving outside the mall about to come in. He came with my stepmom, my brother and my stepmoms niece. We had our lunch in the foodcourt because we want to take advantage of Papa’s senior citizen card. In fairness I saved almost P200 pesos for the meal. Each of us, six in total, chose a meal which is less than a hundred pesos… minus the 20% discount for senior citizen, it only sums up to around P450 for the 6 of us!

After lunch, weve decided to watch a movie…well, dad at first doesn’t want to go because he thinks it would cost me a lot of all of us will go but since there is a Movie Fiesta in SM Centerpoint which will only cost us P25 each, he agreed to it. So off we went and watched “The Cabin in the Woods” which is a horror/thriller type of movie. Its not so bad and it’s kinda interesting naman so Papa and the rest of the guys enjoyed it. After the movie, I asked them to go home ahead of us as I and hubby will be buying our merienda. We went to the famous Aling Banang in San Juan City which is just about two streets away from SM Centerpoint. We bought pancit bihon, pancit canton, spaghetti and palabok and on our way to their house, we also bought maja blanca and puto to complete the meal. We ate at the store and had a hearty laugh. I really feel blessed to be able to give joy to and happiness to Papa and to his family. We came home at around 8PM already. Sooo tired. It’s such a fun and fulfilling day for me. This is the most fulfilling birthday so far and the most humble of all. It only costed me less than a thousand bucks and I get to make 6 people happy. Only proves that the best thing in life if not free...not so expensive haha!  Thank you Lord for all the blessings and for letting me celebrate this day with people who loves me.

My Papa's Confinement

When I first heard that he was hospitalized and has been brought to the hospital, I still havent absorbed it yet. Even though my brother is bombarding me with so many text messages asking me to go to the hospital…I havent. I just told him I’ll get my husband and let him go on my behalf. The reason behind this is because I don’t want to see my father in a helpless situation. I can’t bear the thought that the person who is strong, who normally is the one who helps me in any situation I’m facing is lying there in a hospital bed, not able to do things he normally does. Cannot even speak! It breaks my heart seeing my father go through this…so I told my brother I’ll go when he’s feeling okay already. I know deep in my heart he’ll recover …so I plan to visit him on his third day. Upon seeing him, we both cried. I know he wants to see me badly and is trying his best to show me that he has been fully recovered. Instead of lying down, he pushed himself to sit in his bed and trying his best to utter a word. I know he wants to show me how much he loves me and that I am the reason why he fights this battle. I on the other hand cant control my tears. I just said I love him and that he better be okay as my birthday is fast approaching. Before this, we already had a talk on what will happen on my birthday. He, together with his whole family will be visiting me at our house in Montalban and we'll have a great time! He nodded and promised me that he will be okay by then. Lord thanks for my papa's fast recovery. Though he is still not able to really speak fluently as of this time, some of his words are now understandable. I was very touched by what he said at that time we came to visit him at his house, "basta andyan ka lang nak...fight!".I know he will fight anything for me...that's how Papa shows me he loves me...by doing everything for me...


A New Step Higher

This is it! This is the moment I've been praying for the past two years! I was finally profiled to be a part of the Triage Specialists...a group of people whose job description is to chat with supervisors and managers of different department and to do callbacks. When I've learned that I will be a part of the team, I felt so excited. I know that this is a part of God's promise for me this 2013! I know deep in my heart that I would soon leave my current company because I can't handle the pressure anymore, but praise God...He gave me a reason to stay. Though currently I am still not so much comfortable with the new team because it's like I'm a "newbie" again along with my other four tenured colleagues who just recently became an addition to the team, I know in a month's time or two...this would already be a comfort zone for me as well... and when it does, I would again aim higher. I would again would want a better opportunity...until I reach the skies....Help me Lord in this new journey and thank you for this wonderful gift. :)


A Prayer for Papa


Jesus, my papa is in the hospital right now. He suffered a mild stroke that made him unable to speak. I asked my hubby to check him out as I'm afraid to see him in this kind of situation. I know I should be there to comfort him...but until I'm able to make sure that he is not in that kinda serious situation...I won't go. It's not selfishness but more of a fear of seeing the worst. I don't want to lose him yet...not yet... I still have so many promises that haven't been materialized yet. Lord, I know and I claim your promises about giving us good health and abundant life. I claim it now Lord. You said in your words that those who are weary can go to you for the yolk you'll give us is easy and your burden is light. Jesus, I pray for my papa's fast recovery and I will make sure I will be a different person. Please Lord hear my plea. I love you Lord.



The Time Keeper Experience

I'm so proud of myself...last week, I saw a book in my teammate JCs cubicle. It's a hard bound book and the title is quite interesting... The Time Keeper. I recognized the author as I've read his first two books "Five People You Meet In Heaven" and "Tuesdays with Morrie" and I've known him to be an inspirational writer. He said he borrowed it from our other teammate Nonia. I got excited to see what the book is all about so while he is on a call, I asked him if I can borrow just while were in the office and he offered to let me borrow it first. According to him, he wont have time to read it anyway since our rest day is still four days to go. So I grabbed the chance and tried my best to read it as quickly as I could, knowing I need to send it back before our rest day and lo and behold...I finished it in two days! It's like a 250 page book and I was able to finish it for like a total of 4 hours as it's not a continuous reading. I read it in the bus and in the jeepney while I'm commuting and in the second day, I proudly send the book back. It feels good knowing that when I put my full attention and I have willingness to finish a specific task...I could do it. I have a number of books at home which I never finished so this is really a new experience for me. Reading a book could really bring you to places and it matches the not so adventurous person like me. Thanks JC and Nonia for giving me this nice experience!

Here's what I've learned from the book of Mr. Albom.

... That you cannot stop nor speed up time...all you can do is savor each moment knowing you wont walk in the same path ever again and that the reason why God didn't give us unlimited time is for us to realize what its worth...

made me cry...