What A Busy Christmas Week

What a busy week it was! I was really pressured and at the same time tired of thinking of how I can get rid of stress especially that I need to prepare myself for a number of celebrations on my list. Well, first and foremost… I was kind’a sad for the last two weeks because of what happened to my friend. She was forced to leave the account because of some company rules that she broke. Secondly, we had 2 Christmas parties to attend to… one is the company sponsored party and one for the team. We also have new teammates so I’m still kind’a giving my best effort to get to know each one of them. Lastly, my sister who is based in Singapore is now visiting Manila and would stay at their house here in Project 8. I’m kind’a stressed because I need to make sure everything is in order. I need to paint the house, fix some broken furnitures, clean the drawers. I really want to have a break!!! I want to blog and finish my pending tasks but I am too tired to work at home. I even asked my friend Melai to do 2 reviews for me because those are about to expire very soon and in return I gave her 25% of my revenue from that entry. She did’nt want to accept it but I threatened not to give her anymore tasks if she continue to decline my offer… and so she did finally accepted the payment. I want to update all my blogs and find more ways to earn money online but my time is very limited and my energy is not enough. I know I need to have what they call will power. I need to earn more moolah so I can save enough for my retirement plan. I know I can reach my goal of resigning in February 22,2012. In Jesus name I pray… Amen!


too busy to blog...

so many things to share...so little time. will update you of what's going on once i had the time to at least blog for an hour or two. i can't believe i was'nt able to blog for almost two weeks now! grrr! i hate it. i will get back to my regular programming on wednesday...at last it's my off! till then friends!



I again am letting go of a friend... and it really breaks my heart. I know that there is no permanent collegue and that sooner or later, someone has to say goodbye again... but I never thought it would be so soon... Last August, my best buddy bid farewell to the company because he wants to pursue a different career. September, another close friend resigned because of a conflict in schedule. She is studying Japanese language that time and she feels that she needs to give up work to be able to achieve her dreams of going to Japan one day... and today, an unexpected thing happened. My friend was barged by a client and there has been a bridge of security that transpired within the call...and because of that, management decided to take her out of the account. She still keeps the job but she would be out of the technical program. She might end up being in a financial account or customer service and if fortunate, might again get a technical position but this time in a different technical program.

In just a matter of three months... I lost 3 teammates. Wow,that's a lot! It might be easier to accept if they are only my teammates - but they are also my closest friends in the team. It pains me seeing people I love go just like that. It's like in a snap, good memories I had with them flashed back right before my eyes... only to remind me of those things that I would surely miss
doing with them.

With a heavy heart, I would again face reality, having in mind the possibility of losing the very same things that inspires me to still go on and finish the next two years of my professional
career. I knew I need to be strong in order to achieve my goals...

I know I can do it... I know I can...



After shift, I hurriedly went home to see the Pacquiao fight only to find out that the delayed telecast on Channel 7 won't happen until 12nn. But praise God that when I searched the net, I was able to get some info on where to watch the fight online and yehey! We were able to see Manny Pacquiao fight real time! Thanks to the power of internet and blogs as I was able to find an info on how to download the software and what channel to tune in to. I was really happy as we were able to see a clear view of what's going on in the ring through live streaming. I immediately shared it to my Facebook friends and I am happy that they too were able to see Pacquiao Cotto fight live. Here's what we did to prepare ourselves for the Pacquiao Cotto Fight

hubby cooked our lunch earlier so he does'nt have to go from the kitchen to our room while watching the fightpinasok namin sa kwarto yung lamesa para dun maglunch and binuksan ang aircon ng mas maaga

we have also eaten our lunch earlier para makapagconcentrate sa fight

malinaw at walang buffer yung site..grabe!

tale of the tape na!

pray muna si papa manny...

and the fight begins...

and manny pacquiao emerged as a winner!


Our First Ever Weekly Date

I am sooo happy that after soo many years... we were able to have an intimate date last week. We were approved for VGH @ around 3am. VGH is a priviledge given to us by the company wherein we were allowed to go home hours before our shift ends especially when the volume of calls is not that high and there are a number of agents on the floor. I asked my hubby to fetch me and he came at round 4am and we went straight to Yoohoo Bar, Metrowalk Ortigas. It was literally dinner by a candle light because the table was already set up with one. Though the place is really not that intimate - in fact I even saw my officemates on the table next to ours as they were also permitted to go home early. I feel that it is the most romantic date we had so far. We ordered two grilled liempo meal and Iced Tea. The meal is superb for an affordable price of P65 each. After deinner we also ordered San Mig light for hubby and Zombie cocktail drink for me.

We were able to talk about our future plans, renewed our vows and reminisce about our past. In fairness, kinilig ako to the highest level. Haha! I was'nt able to feel this kilig for I cant-remember-how-long... and from that moment on, I knew that we need to do this often.

I would definitely not forget that night... I hope this could rekindle our relationship and keep our love stronger. Thank you Lord for this wonderful night! Amen!

the yummy grilled liempo and my zombie

my zombie - i love it!

my hubby and I


Marriage Made In Heaven

I've always dreamed of having a wedding of my own someday. To be able to submit myself to the man God has ordained for me. To be able to celebrate our love with the people who are dear to us and to be able to make a pact before our Creator that we would continue to love and cherish each other until our last breath. Hey, just thinking of that gives me excitement beyond words....

Well, I think being married with the man you love is every woman's dream. Having someone who would take care of you when you get old gives you assurance that whatever happens in the future - it would be bearable knowing you have someone to share the burden with... you have someone to lean on during tough times...

She is the singer - he is the dancer...both are serving God with their talents for God only knows how long. They've known each other for years but never imagined themselves being involved with each other. I am not really informed on how their relationship blossomed into something special. When I first heard that my niece Liezl will soon get married to her boyfriend - I was really shocked. I also know the guy as he used to be my Sunday schoolmate and as a dancer in the Church, we were never formally introduced...nevertheless, I know he is a great guy and since he love the Lord, I know he would also take care of our precious Liezl.

The wedding invitation was given to me by Liezl's sister, Joshua. She went to our place and personally gave me the invitation a day before the actual wedding so I really don't have any idea on what the motiff is and the type of clothes that we are suggested to wear. She personally hand me over the invitation to make sure that I'll be attending the celebration. To be honest with you, I am quite hesitant to attend at that time because I don't have a decent clothes to wear. It clearly states on the invitation that we are to wear cocktail dress or long gown! Are you kidding me??? How can I afford to buy a long gown nor to wear a cocktail dress. I can't even remember the time I last wore a skirt for crying out loud! My resources at that time are very limited and I only have P1300 left on my wallet. I don't intend to follow the protocol but when I let my officemates see the invitation - they all said that I need to dress up as the couple wants their guests to be on a strictly formal attire. At that time, I feel I could almost collapse.

So because of pressure, we went to SM North (with my hubby) to buy a cocktail dress. I tried almost 7 pieces but only liked 2. It would cost me more than I expected but decided to buy one - but at the back of my mind... I know I won't be able to wear it again! I just bought a white slacks and I'll just wear the top I picked for the wedding long before pa. Went home and fixed my nails and slept for just 2 hours. Mama came at 4 pm and off we went to the wedding at 6pm. By the way, I did not wear the blouse I picked for the wedding weeks before but rather wore the pink top I wore during my brother's wedding. Tsk tsk. I realized that I need to buy set of clothes for different occasions. I would invest on clothes from now on.

Anyways, the wedding is fabulous! I was able to see my churchmates before whom I was not able to see for almost 5 years. I say my ex sister in law's older sister - the one who told me before that I was so fat seems like my face already are covering my neck - but thanks to her , as she gave me the determination to lose extra pounds at that time. Old memories came back and it's a happy thought.

The wedding went well, but we need to go home early as I barely had any sleep. This day was a great day for my niece and I am very happy for her. Thank you Lord for giving her one of the best gift she could ever have... a dream wedding...

the bride and the groomwith the bride's family

we'll gonna have our dream wedding too, by faith we claim amen!


Yey Me Award Ako!

Thank you so much mommy riza of Crayon's and Pencils for giving me this award. I've been blogging since 2004, almost 5 years now, but I really never had any friends through the internet. Maybe because I don't look for one but I envy those people who finds real friendship and bloggers who talks as if they knew each other for years though they're only way of communicating is through their blogs. Many are even a thousand miles away from each other! I want to have a friendship like that as well so I promise to put more effort into it. Thank you for opening the doors for me again mommy riza!


Icey and Melai's Birthday Celebs at the Agogo

Just two weeks ago, we celebrated two birthdays. Once is Icey's 22nd and the next is Melai's 26th. Both parties are held at Cafe Agogo along Julia Vargas Ortigas Pasig. Besides the fact that Cafe Agogo is just a few blocks away from our office - I think one thing that drives us back to that place is it's cozy ambiance. I mentioned on my previous posts that it is the best place to unwind and have a good laugh with your friends with their low lighted effect and their comfy chairs. The bar is not that crowded and the menu is also affordable. They have what they call "Happy Hour Promo" in which you could get 3 bottles of iced cold San Mig Light or two servings of Cosmopolitan for only a hundred bucks. My favorite breakfast treat Spanish Omelet costs me only P69 with free Iced Tea! Other dishes are also reasonably priced and tastes good as well. I once tried their Rosemary Chicken with Iced Tea for P169 and although it's not the best roasted chicken I've ever tasted...I feel full as their servings are big.

Ice's Birthday:
Oct 1st, though I don't have a shift that day... I went to the office to celebrate this day with her. Though this is really what we originally planned for this ocassion as we're supposed to celebrate it in Astoria Plaza but because of Ondoy's destructive forces which affected most of her friends, she decided to just solemnly celebrate it with us, the survivors. LOL. Here's a glimpse of that wacky event. Happy Birthday Bebe Girl!

Me, Icey, Melai and Mitch

the Ondoy Survivors, haha!
I ordered Adobo Flakes with Egg, literal na Adobo Flakes sya in fairness haha!

bumaha ng cosmo ng araw na yun
ang kukulit na! lasing na! haha!

the birthday celebrant

The 2nd Celebration was Melai's 26th birthday.
Oct 5th, this one was really not planned. Melai even left her money at home so there is really no formal invitation. She wants to celebrate it the day after but unfortunately I won't be available as it is already my niece's wedding. Well, I think she came up with an idea and just asked her mom and sister Budz to just drop by the office, bring along her wallet and just celebrate with us. So off we went to Cafe Agogo and celebrated her 26th fruitful years. Her sister Budz and her mother Mamang joined our crazy crowd and laughed along with us. Here's a peek of that joyous event.
Happy Birthday Melai!

the attendees Melai, Me, Icey, Badz and Mamang

at bumaha ulit ng cosmo haha!

my favorite Spanish Omelet

your's truly and the birthday girl

the birthday celebrant


My Little Dream House

I and my friends Melai and Sam is planning to get a house of our own. Well, getting a house and lot of my own has always been my dream since I was young. I often dream of having my own room as I would like to have it painted pink. I would adorn it with accessories and I would make sure that it would be the most comfortable place in the world for me. But since I entered this current relationship of mine which would probably lead to marriage...getting a house that we could call ours became a necessity. I browsed through the net and found a simple and cute low cost housing located at Caloocan City. I found it very affordable as it would only cost me almost P4100 payable in 30 years to own that property. It is a 50 sqm property, with house and lot, with provision for one bedroom at the loft. Though the lot area is not that big, I guess a little bit of imagination and creativity would work with it. I already have a plan in mind on how I would beautify this house. I would paint it with pink, blue and green to have that colorful effect. I would buy colorful Rugs, pillows and curtains to have a jolly effect. Once I was able to pay at least 1/4 of the price of the house, I would save so I could remodel the house and build a second floor with two rooms. One for me and my hubby and the second room would be for my children. I also would build a room on the first floor and would maximize the floor area of the property for my mother. Just thinking of what I could to improve the house excites me.

Here's some of the photo's of the house I've been referring to.

this is the front view. I prefer pink instead of blue paint

there's the kitchen and the dining table and the sofa. i need to buy small furnitures because of the limited floor area.

i think i need to buy a smaller sofa than this...

and a wood type dining table. I would buy some Area Rugs to adorn the floor.

here's the 2nd floor. It would be the master bedroom...

it's a good idea to buy this type of bed as the ceiling on the 2nd floor is not that high.

We'll gonna visit the site next week. I really pray I could get a flood free house with a good community. I need not a very big house, a small but organized and colorful house would be enough for me and my future family. I would just accessorize it with Cheap Rugs and colorful curtains. I'm so excited.


3 Celebrations in A Week!

Grabe, last week was so busy for me as there are so many things to celebrate for us. I myself can't believe that I attended 3 tomaan sessions with my friends in a week. It's indeed a week of fun, laughter and lots of bottles of beer!

We'll the first time was not really planned. Since our shift before was from 4am to 1pm - we would normally go out after shift during paydays. We would treat ourselves with lunch at Gale and would have a bottle of beer or two. But since we are now on night shift (from 10 pm to 7am) - we decided to just wait for our salary till 10 am and just spend the time wating in a bar, and most of the time it would be @ Cafe Agogo along Julio Vargas Ortigas. We would just chill and order a bucket of san mig light and order our favorite breakfast Spanish Omelet. As I mentioned on my other post, I love Cafe Agogo because of their comfortable chairs, cozy bar, dim lights and the food! They do have a promo everyday from 9am to 11 am where 3 bottles of San Mig Light would only cost us P35/bottle. I also love their Spanish Omelet with Iced tea which cost us only P69. So I think all in all, it just cost me P150 (max) to chill, laugh and have a relaxing moments with my friends. We decided to meet up here once a wekk just to unwind. On this occassion, I'm with my officemates Sam, Ice, PJ and Melai with our boss TL Paul. We spent our morning while waiting for the pay @ Cafe Agogo talking about office affairs, lovelife and some other interesting topics.

with icey and melai dearboss, me, icey, melai and pj

The second time we decided to celebrate was when our Coach was promoted to TL2. Almost the whole team is present. We went to Yoohoo Bar in Metrowalk and upon seeing the menu - we were amazed on how affordable it is here. A bottle of San Mig would only cost you P25 and they do have a variety of menus to choose from which price ranges from P40 to P150! The ambience is not that cozy, it's not even airconditioned but the view on the 2nd floor is superb. I ordered a fried chicken menu that cost me only P60 while the rest ordered grilled liempo for the same price. We had a blast and an enjoyable time especially when two other TLs came and organized a very naughty game which took all our ears and attention. Haha! Later after our crazy tomaan session, I met a friend @ Robinsons Galleria and had a quick lunch with him @ Pizza Hut.

feeling nasa Singapore! Haha, thanks Gherj for the bag!

ang saya saya!

ayan kasama na si boss

with the girls with Sam

And finally, just last Saturday... Me and my girls Melai and Ice decided to enjoy our early morning restday again at our favorite hang out Cafe Agogo. We talked about our lovelife, things @ the office and just joke around. We decided to also meet Dianne, our previous officemate who already resigned. It was a day full of emotions and it's nice to see my dear friend Dara again. I feel her pain and I really pray that God would give her the desires of her heart very soon.

kami ulit in fairness...addiction na ito!

ayan with Dear Dara na

Thank you Lord for giving us reasons to celebrate everyday! You are indeed good all the time!

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Had A Naughty Chat with Mamu and Melai

Just after I woke up at around 1am, I with Mamu and Melai had a voice chat conversation thru YM. We talked and laughed about what's going on in the office and what crazy thing mamu does on those times he is not working. Melai had some issues with her computer so she could only hear us but is only responding by typing in to the chatroom as the microphone on her headset is not working. We chatted for almost an hour while my hubby prepares our dinner. Along with the conversation, I decided to share the picture of our "soon to be" business location so I could get his idea if the place is ok. We are thinking of getting a small store space in front of our house so we could start our mini eatery. So while I was sharing the photos, I saw something on the screen... a picture of a man without any clothes! I was stunned and later on realized that Mamu is sharing pictures too! Hahaha! He is also sharing pictures to me through photo sharing! I was kinda stunned by it and decided to maximize the page so I could have a better view (LOL) but just as I was ready to close the page...my hubby entered the room and told me that I need to close the computer immediately. My hubby is really not into that kind of thing. He is the most KJ person I've ever known and pornography is a NO NO! It's not that he is the holy type of man, it's just that since we started reading the Bible together... he feels that he need not do or think or hear or see anything that would corrupt his mind. He is so disappointed as he thought I am really the one who is looking into the net, searching for such pictures. His initial reaction was devastated and disappointed but I immediately told him that my gay friend is the one who puts those pics on the screen... and he understands. He know how flirt my gay bestfriend is and he just laughed at himself after realizing why he needs to be devastated and angry.

Moral of the story: Photo Sharing can cause misunderstanding among couples especially pag KJ asawa mo. Yun na!


My New Room

Yehey! At last I was able to change the look and feel of my room. Yey! I am able to arrange all my books, I was able to discard those clothes that does'nt fit me well (I had tons of them), and I was also able to find those things I've been looking for a long time (nasa ilalim lang pala sila ng kama all along) LOL! After cleaning up the entire room, I fell asleep because of that very tiring task. I feel more comfortable and relaxed now. I promised myself that I would buy some cute stuff for my room on payday. I will also purchase some Office Furniture for my online job such as office tables and chairs and I would like to have pink ones or at least those furniture with bright and happy colors. I want to make it a real "girls room"! Maybe the reason behind this obsession of mine to make my room beautiful is that I missed having one when I was little. I never had a room of my own. I would always share the room with my sister and my mother and I never had my own bed until I was 20. That's how tough our life was before as we only have 3 rooms in the house before, one for me and my mom plus my sister, one for my brother and my dad and the other one was for our boarders. Yup, to have both ends meet financially...my mother was forced to turn the other room into a boarding room so we could pay the electricity and other necessities in the house. Well, enough of those dramas. I will post some of my "dramas" on the next posts.

What inspire me to have a room renovation is one of my friends in facebook. She just recently posted pics of her room and I admire her for being so organized. I can see that her things were neatly arranged and the way she cares for her things were unbelievable. Her creativity also shows in the room as she has a cork board with lots of key chains and a post it showing her thoughts. I can't describe enough how I envy her creativity and her personality really shows on her room. I wish I can adopt her creativity and uniqueness I hope I can make my room a real representation of me...jolly, happy and outspoken. Check out some of the pics of how my room looks like after I cleaned it for almost two hours.

i feel that the room got colder and cozier after i cleaned it...nawala ang mga alikabok haha!

nailabas ko na rin sa wakas ang aking tweety na kumot

organized na para as akin yan...hahaha, hindi lang halata...

i also made a collage of my friends pictures with me...these are the pictures i saw in the shoebox

-this is a sponsored post


Not Being Able to Blog for a Month

The past month has been a very "confusing month" for me. I've been a "worrier" for the longest time, I'm always thinking of the future...of what my life would bring us...I'm always afraid to fail...most likely, that's the same reason why I'm stagnant...wy I'm always going nowhere...

I guess it's time to break free... I guess I need to sit back for a moment and really assess myself. Ask God for guidance and decide for myself what I want to achieve in this lifetime. I already asked my coach if I could file for a week vacation and he promised to help me...as long as I can provide a proof that there is indeed a need for me to file for one like studies, health, vacation abroad etc...

I don't like the direction I'm currently heading, I need to cut the chase. I think I need to have a 360 degree turn and go back to square one. It's better to start all over than to continue fighting when you know you'll only be in the loosing end....


Torn Between Two Friendship

I’m again tom between two friends. Well,we really don’t have any major fight or what its just so happen that my friend and officemate is beginning to like a boy who was the apple of the eye of my friend who is now working abroad. Though my OFW friend and the boy never really had a serious relationship (not even close to that), I still feels that for delicadeza’s sake – the friend who was left here should at least let our OFW friend know that she is beginning to like the boy. Though there is really no serious effect on our friendship – I feel that the girl should have asked the friend for permission first or at least inform the friend first of what she feels but the guy so that there would be no conflict , I am caught in the middle. Well I already told my friend here about how our friend other is feels about this guy and she promised to let our friend knows what’s happening between them. It’s just so happen that I personally experienced being in this kind of situation a friend – a close one –actually offered her help of getting me I my ex bf together by calling him up on the phone and telling him how sorry I am for all the things I’ve done to him. I really gave my 100% trust to this girls just to later know that she is already stabling me @ the back. My most fear came to reality – they became a couple. What’s worse is that whole barkada knows about this and never dared to let me know. Only after a month did one of our friends gave me a hint of what’s going on between the girl and my ex – and I was terribly shocked! Being betrayed by someone you trust so much is worse than not being able to win back your lover. I promised myself that from that time on… I would never trust a friend as deep as how I trusted her... I don’t want this to happen to us. I want a friendship based in trust and I want them to have an open communication as I don’t want to tolerate things like this. I know the feeling and I don’t want anyone to feel that way… not even my worst enemy.


Zenni Optical

$ 8 Rx eyeglasses!

Yup it's true, for just $8 you can now purchase an eyeglasses that would definitely improve your vision. Through the popular Zenni Optical, this used to be an impossible deal is now made possible by Zenni! And you know what - because of it's durability and affordability... you can now see Zenni Optical on TV!!!

High Five to Zenni Optical and for more success to you!



Grabe, after a very hectic day @ the office - here we are "destressing ourselves" (wat a term, hahaah) and decided to "loosen'up" @ Red Box Trinoma. The eight of us melai, ice, mamu, john2, imee, the newly recruit "dee" and myself went to Trinoma right after our shift. Were learned that there's a promo for only P399+++ which includes a buffet of lunch and a videoke session that could last for 5 hours. Unfortunately, the promo is only available till 12nn. So we just opt for a three hour session promo for P199++ consumable and we just ate @ Kenny Rogers for lunch as the room would be available only after an hour. The whole experience was really enjoyable as we were able to bond, laughing at the corniest joke there is and making "okray" each other the whole time. Right after lunch, we headed straight to our gimik destination and we really had a blast! Hahaha. The room is so "high tech" and at first we had some difficulty navigating through the audio equipment. We were looking for the song book where we could pick the title of the songs we would sing and were kinda disappointed to know that we need to pick the song through the tv itself. Haay, grabe bigay na bigay ang lahat sa pagkanta @ pagsayaw - we took our own rendtion of "MTV" and tawa kami ng tawa nung pinanood namin sa digicam. All for the sake of "pagpapatawa" talagang gagawin lahat. Hahaha! I never had sooo much fun since our team
building last March. It's nice to have bonding moments like this after a very stressful week at the office. I hope things would be better next week in the office - but well, we don't really mind anymore - as long as we'll have another "fun gimik" next weekend. Hehehe. I can't help but be excited for our next gimik next week, I hope it would be as fun and as enjoyable as this one. Take a peek of our wacky pictures:

here we are!

3 pm pa raw available ang room...

lets eat muna somewhere!

chibugan na @ Kenny Rogers

kantahan na!

our wacky gang!