Another Business Venture

Finally, after two months of waiting, we were finally able to open our store...just in time for the town fiesta last Sunday. The day before that, I and my hubby bought our stocks at the nearby Puregold Sta. Mesa. It's been a nice experience, we were able to bond and give out our own personal opinions on how to manage our store. I asked my hubby to just concentrate on our business instead of working abroad as I really can't imagine myself living alone anymore. Well, enough of the drama. We just promised ourselves that we would work harder so we could live comfortably and save for our future family. Lately, it seems like everyone is persuading us to start a family. Get married and have children. Yup, I think it's high time to get married already and have children of my own since I'm not getting any younger. At age 31, I should already have my first born. Well, if God would permit, I know it would happen. For the meantime, we need to focus ourselves in our business first. Things are doing pretty well right now, hopefully our business would be a huge success. Wish me luck!


I Need to Teach Him a Lesson

My father just called in earlier today. He again wants me to give him his allowance in advance because their electricity will be cut off if they won't be able to pay it in time. This is not the first time he asked for money without prior notice...and God knows I always try to help him especially when I feel that he is already helpless. But this time it's different. Just last week I asked him to help me make some minor renovations on the store. I gave him money to pay for the carpenter as well as money to buy some linoleum for the flooring. I thought I already made it clear to him but I was shocked when he called me up the day after saying he wants me to give him another 1k as payment for the carpenter. I almost freaked out as I told him I do have a limited budget. Every cent I pay for the construction of the store is just enough for such budget and theres really no room for extra expenses. I guess he also felt that won't give in to his request so he agreed to just have the construction moved till the end of the month (which I would be the one to pay, again!).

I thought he already understood me, but to my dismay, he again called me up asking if I could give him his allowance in advance! I nearly cried, saying I don't want to hear such thing anymore. I don't know why my father always have a debt. I thought he already is a renewed man but just recently, my stepmother told me that he is still hooked into gambling. I try to understand him till now but I guess I need to give him a lesson. He can't always assume I always have money for him as I also have my own personal expenses. I never forget my responsibilities for them, for mom and dad, but I want them to enjoy the money I am giving them. I want them to experience living the life without worries and yet he always have a problem with money.

I would just let it pass this time. I can't always give in to his request because he might think it's okey to spend his money on his vices because her daughter always provides. I hate to do this but he needs to learn the hard way. Lord I pray that my father can experience the good life while he still can. Help me to be an instrument to this. Amen.


On Our Seventh Year

Today marks Jojo and I's 7th anniversary. It's been a while now since I've come to live with the best man I've ever known. Time flies so fast and here we are on our 7th year still in love...and with the same intensity as it was before. I know you are not a perfect partner, there are even times before when I felt I don't think we are for each other. But you proved me wrong and stood by what you have promised me before, that you'll gonna love me no matter what and you'll gonna stay by my side until the end of time... and we are still living up to that promise till now. Jojo, I know I am not a perfect lover as well. When I think about how I treated you in the past, I can't help but cry in dismay and regret. You don't deserve being treated like that and because of  that realization, I promised myself that I would support you in whatever endeavors you want to take. I would support you as a loving wife supports his husband. Our relationship right now might not be enclosed in marriage but I believe in my heart and in my soul, we are more than husbands and wives. We are a team...we have this bond that will never break up. God is in the center of this relationship that's why I am confident that He will uphold us and will bind us together until the end of time. 

I love you Jojo! Thank you for you the love and respect you generously provides.


I Miss You Syana!

I would be seeing my dear friend Christiana next week with my two other friends Malen and Ruthie. It's been a decade since the last time I've seen her and I bet there are so many things that has been changed. First and foremost, she is now a wife to his husband Jhun. They have been married for almost a year now but since they are already based in Canada...we were'nt able to witness it. Secondly, I've heard the good news that she will also be a mom soon! Wow, that's the best news I've heard from her so far. They've been praying to have one long before and I'm happy their prayers have been answered.

Before I heard the good news, I planned to buy her one of those scarf I've seen in a mall. I have one with the exact same design which has been earning so many praises from my officemates.But since I've learned that she would be a mom soon, I've changed my mind. Instead, I'll gonna just buy something for her baby. I've discovered this cool site called Posylane which sells out all kinds of baby and toddler stuff. I picked that cute preschool nap mat and those stephen joseph backpacks cat quilted toddler backpack. I picked a neutral color because they are still aren't sure if their baby would be a girl or a boy. I love all the stuff their selling on that site and I ended up buying a cute lunch totes for my nephew as well for his birthday. I am also planning to buy another nap mat for another friend who'll gonna be giving birth to her child next month.

I am so excited to see my college bestfriend, we had so many memories together and our lunch date this Saturday would definitely be a wonderful and memorable experience for all of us.


Jojo's 34th

Yesterday was Jojo’s 34th birthday. I really intend to
celebrate it with him that’s the reason why I applied for a vacation leave week before this day. I almost forgot that Jojo’s birthday is on March 29 and since I was not able to file for a vacation leave in advance, I asked my supervisor if he could have it plotted manually. Good thing, the manual PTO was granted. Anyways, we woke up at around 9am, still not decided where to celebrate his birthday… I browsed through the net and found this restaurant in Timog called Tramway Buffet that offers “eat all you can buffet” for only P205! I was able to find so many blogs giving positive feedback about this resto so we were excited to try it. The venue is just near our place so it’s not hard for us to locate it. Although it’s already 12 NN, the buffet table is still empty. The server said that there has been some minor problems earlier that’s why they opened late today. She said it would just take around ten to fifteen minutes of wait. So I took this opportunity to take some pictures of the birthday boy and the restaurant itself. The ambience is nice, a typical Chinese resto. It didn’t take long until the are was jampacked with hungry people. All of us are waiting for that moment the servers will fill the buffet table with sumptuous food. And so the much awaited time finally came, people

jampacked around the buffet table eagerly wanting to fill their plates with good food. Jojo fall in line ahead of me. I don’t want to lose our table only to realize that it has already marked for us…phew. Anyways, I was overwhelmed by the variety of food options…there’s corn soup for appetizer and viands like roasted chicken, steamed siomai, friend siomai, grilled fish, sweet and sour pork, omelet, tulya and California maki platter. Vegetable salad and desserts like fresh watermelon and papaya as well as buko pandan are plenty. I got full only after two servings…waaah! After about two hours of stay in the restaurant, the damage is only P448 for both of us. That includes the buffet charge and a coke in can. Superb!

I really enjoyed our lunch together and to celebrate this day, I want us to watch a movie together. Weve learned that there is a P15 movie shown in SM Centerpoint so we hurriedly went there to try it. The movie is entitled Killers by Charlize Terron and Ashton Kutcher. Unfortunately, half of the movie has already been shown when we came in. At the end of the movie, the security guard told us that it is only a “one time viewing”. Watda! We just went home disappointed but still laughing for that experience. At least, we’ve learned our lesson. We want to make this a habit so we would make sure we first call the SM hotline to know what the available movies are and what time would it start just to make sure. We thought of going to quiapo to buy some DVD’s but since were already sleepy and tired, decided to call it a day.

Thank you for this day Lord. I’ve never been so happy with our date as compared to this day. I’ve learned to enjoy my husbands company and enjoy discovering things together. Lord I hope you would give us a million of happy discovery moments together. Amen.

(Here's my full review about my experience in Tramway Garden Buffet)


Birthday Prayer

repost from my other blog...

And my birthday prayer to the man I love.... "Lord, please bless Jojo. I know you know what the desires of his heart are, you're a witness to all his frustrations and fears, you know what his sacrifices are just to make this relationship works...you know how hard he tries to be a good husband to me and a good son to his parents....you know everything he has in mind. Lord, whatever those are, please have your way in him. I hope he would continue to be the man he is right now. The same Jojo I've come to know four years ago. Same caring and kind hearted man who never fails to bring a smile to my face after a hard day, the same Jojo who always considers my own welfare first before his, the same guy who loves me unconditionally inspite and despite of everything. I am so lucky to have a husband like Jojo who does'nt care if I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday, who does'nt require me to do the dishes and fix the house or wash our clothes....to have someone who after a "major tampuhan" would sit beside me and would want me to explain myside first before he utter his. ..a very loving and sweet soul who gave his heart to me without asking anything in return...." To you Lord, I offer my life and my love to Jojo and if I will be blessed to have him forever, please bless us and I hope I can be the one that can make him happy. Amen"


Kirsten's Birthday

Met my highschool friends again last Friday, March 11. Actually, the birthday celebrant Kirsten texted me a month before for her birthday and I promised her that I would be there. The day before the celebration, me and hubby went to Landmark/Trinoma to buy a shirt that I will wear specifically for the occasion and I already bought gifts for her. Strangely, on the day itself...though it's my restday...I feel so "tamad". I really planned of backing out since my friend Odette will not come since she does have work now in a call center as well. Luckily, when I texted my friend Pipa...he agreed to meet up with me so we can go together to the party. I've learned that his new boyfriend will come along with us. We then met up at GMA Kamuning MRT station where I was accompanied by my hubby. We will then go to the party together which will be held in Faustinos Grill in Timog. I'm thrilled to see my classmates I've never seen for almost sixteen years maybe? I'm so excited to chat with all of them. After the long chickahan, videoke and picture taking sessions the party ended but the birthday celebrant as well as my other friends decided to eat out again this time in Mr. Kebab. This is the first time I've tried that restaurant and I think their menu is affordable. I love their Strawberry Youghurt Shake which only costs P45. I ordered a chicken kebab with rice but I don't like the taste though their fried rice is superb! Maybe I should have tried their beef or pork kebab instead. The chicken dish they served me reminds me of nilagang manok without the soup. In general, I'm happy I didn't backed out. I had so much fun tonight! I feel I belong as ladyboy friends are so funny! I would definitely want to meet up with them again maybe for a sumptuous meal and maybe a movie date would do. Aja!


Consistency and Discipline

As time goes by and my retirement date is fast approaching, I began to feel fear inside me. I fear for the future and what it holds for me. I'm afraid to fail in this life, I'm afraid not being able to live comfortably after I quit this job. I know my hubby won't leave me alone but in our situation right now, I'm afraid if we don't save...my plans of being a part time housewife will never come true. I know I'm the one who asked my hubby to stop working and just concentrate on our online work but our online income isn't enough to run a family. I know I still need to allow him to work for his own self fulfillment and to also help in our finances. Lord, I don't know what path you want me to take. I don't want to plan for anything anymore as of this point because things right now are not going to the way I want it to be. Help me organize my thoughts and achieve one goal at a time, consistently. I don't want to take note of a task again, feeling disappointed because I wasn't able to do it. Help me be consistent and disciplined Lord. Amen.


Lesson Learned

Remember my previous post about a friend who called me "tsismosa"? Well, were ok na. He texted me just before I go to the office asking me if it's dress up that day. Though it's not anywhere related to our slight "tampuha", I take it as a sign of "pag-aalo". I know somehow he knew that he've hurted someone so it's a good thing he was the one who made the first move. I know naman sooner or later it will be fixed, I just didn't expect it to be that early. Anyways, I invited him to a private chat where I poured out what I felt and made some clarifications. It went well but I was kind'a shocked with some of his words. I never thought he was such a fierce guy, we'll I've learned so much from this situation. Not all jokes are to be uttered loudly. Though the party concerned is laughing about a certain thing, it doesn't mean that he agrees to it. Maybe he is just hiding his true emotion so as not to create any anymosity between the group. Thank you for this day Lord Jesus. Another lesson learned.


Hurt Again

A dear friend caused me so much pain today. A friend I thought was one of my closest in the team, a new found friend I never thought I would win, someone who was before an aloof and a loner friend told me I'm "tsismosa" and "ahas" in Twitter. At first I've accepted it as a joke but when I checked on our previous Tweet conversations...I feel that there's "something" on his words. I tried chatting with him in Yahoo Messenger asking him what I did to deserve being called "tsismosa" as I can't recall saying his anything to anyone. It's just so happen that this friend confided a very deep secret to me and to another close friend. Though I know that whatever he shared with me that day is already an open secret loooong before pa, he just made a confirmation on it. My other friends are the first ones who knew about it  long before I've heard about it from another friend. It's not a big deal to me at all. I've known so many gay friends who came from the same situation and finally went out in the open. I thought I'm helping him to get out of his shell because we are already openly joking about it. I never saw any type of hesitation or denial whenever we would joke around regarding that kind of topic. Never knew he is already despising me.

I was really hurt. I never did anything to deserve this. My Saturday was ruined because of him. Instead of us going somewhere, I lost my interest and just stayed home. I don't want to lose him as a friend as we share common interests and he's one of my closest male friend but I hope he would realize the consequences of his actions. I hope he would explain to me and I hope he'll say sorry and that whatever he said in Twitter was just a joke. If he will not do the first move, I will just forget about everything. I will just be civil to him....I was deeply hurt. Till now, I'm still thinking about it but I know it would do me no good. I would just concentrate on happy thoughts. I will be going out with my hubby today to buy some stuff for the house, I hope I can forget about this hurtful feelings because of it.


Subliminal Messages

Don't forget what you've learned about subliminal messages...

Internet Free Days

Sorry wasn't able to update you of what's going on for five days! It's because we forgot to pay for our monthly internet bill for the month. LOL. The payment is ready since the 30th of January and it is not due until February 3 but we've lost track of time and were so lazy going to the Bayad Center in Munoz. Finally, when we've learned that our landline has already been cut off, we hurriedly went to Waltermart Munoz and paid the bill so they could reactivate the service within the next 24 hours. Since our much awaited movie of Anthony Hopkins is now showing, we hurriedly bought some tickets which only cost us P260 for both. Waltermart movie house is so cold and cozy compared to SM and the tickets are much affordable too. It's been a scary experience inside the theater house as I thought we're the only ones inside. And since the movie we are about to watch is about exorcism, it felt so creepy. Good thing, someone at our back coughed which means there's someone somewhere with us inside. It has been a great movie, about a priest who lost his faith. About a priest who used to do exorcism but has also been possessed because he lost his faith. It's a great thing to be able to watch quality movies once in a while. Went home at around 8 pm and watched some programs at Nat Geo and Discovery Channels till 11pm. It's been another great day spent with the love of my life.


My Mood is Back!

Hey there! I'm happy to inform you that my happy mood is back! I guess Ice is correct, I just need to have time and energy to go out. When I received my sisters monthly allowance, I immediately bought some comfort food! Haha, maybe I need to reward myself once in a while. My sister is the one who pays for the rent of the house and I am so thankful to God that He touched my sisters heart to help us. Since our payday would still be on Friday, I borrowed P2000 from our rent allowance so hubby and I could  go out. We strolled around Trinoma and bought some shirts for the office. Had our weekly grocery also at Walter Mart. It's really a nice feeling being able to buy stuff for yourself and for the house. I hope and pray that I could be able to save so we could buy our dream house too. I also hope that hubby could pass his seaman training with flying colors. Bless our lives Lord and may we always bless You as well with our lives. Amen.


Manic Depression

I woke up at around 11:30 am, fresh from VGH. Though my status at Facebook yesterday is "‎i need to resist your charm tonight VGH..." - I still can't say NO to it. I need to make myself happy and I know that staying at the office won't help me. I need a breather but I wasn't able to get it last night. Though hubby fetched me at the office, we were not able to find any open food stall in Ortigas area which forced us to just find one at our place in Munoz. It really didn't help at all.

Anyways, I asked him to cook sinigang tomorrow for lunch because I really was craving for it since last night. I refused to eat Sinigang at the pantry since we will be eating out but was disappointed when we can't find any open carinderia anywhere. I had no choice but to just go to Munoz with hubby at 3am and just search for one. We've only found a small lugawan and without any other choice ordered two bowls. Same old, same old. I don't know what's the source of this manic sadness...my buddy, Ice, told me that maybe it's because of lack of physical activity or maybe lack of sun shine. I guess she's right, for the past two weeks I was contained here at the house due to lack of budget. Last payday was the worst as I've got a salary P3k short of what I expected because of VGH and other loan deductions. Hays. I hope next week will be diffrent. I don't want to be lonely anymore.Maybe, once I already received Ate's monthly padala, I can use a portion of it first so I can go shopping and buy some stuff for the house and I'll just pay it on payday. I want to be happy and maybe shopping some clothes and having a haircut and a footspa could help. Thank you for this day Lord.

By the way, saw the news today about the Bus Bombing in the Philippines, I was shocked! Will post my views about this tragic incident on my other blog. Super sad day for all the Filipinos.


For Book Lovers

We we're again permitted to go home early today. I came home at around 1 am and again watched a horror movie flick with my hubby. Though half hearted, I can't resist the offer of going home earlier than usual. I know that the number of hours that I didn't work would be deducted on my salary but I still can't resist the urge of sleeping early and being able to do the things you want to do like reading books, blogging and watching a movie instead of working. Anyways, speaking of books...I was able to find a site where you could borrow books! You don't need to purchase those books and keep them in a shelf. This is good for those people who does have very limited space in their house. Check for Netflix for Books and you'll be amazed on how large their collections are. I would definitely get my membership soon, I hope my salary would allow me to do it. Sigh.


It's My Bestfriend's Birthday!

Today was supposedly my bestfriend's 31st birthday! It should've been a happy celebration, only if the celebrant  is alive. I missed our kuitan and the kainan session in their house. She never failed to invite me to join them in every celebration, whether it be her birthday or her family's. I really miss her. Just recently, I had the chance to meet with our fellow high school friend Odette. Michael our gay barkada wasn't able to make it. If Divine is still alive, I bet it would be a happy reunion indeed. I felt loneliness at that time because I've realized that it's not as happy as it was before. I missed her. I also lost another friend Maricel which is also a part of our barkada. I fondly recall what we call our group, the B-MEN. We called ourselves BMEN because B is the starting letter of our tukso sa isat isa. We are 5 in the group, Divine who we fondly call Bunganga.., Marcicel was called Buto, Jhoanna who we call Bungal, Micheal which obviously was a Bakla and me who they call Baboy. Hahaha. It's such a happy barkada...no pretensions. I miss it so badly.

I know wherever she is, my bestfriend is now a happy camper. She is now sitting beside our dear Lord. She is now in heaven- a place where there's no pain and no sorrow. I miss her terribly but I know one day, we'll be able to have a happy reunion again - this time in the Lord's place...

A Conversation

Well, I got to talk with my previous officemate from Maersk who is asking for my opinion about working in a company where my former friend is the manager. I used to work for the same company before and had a very bad experience. My former supervisor in that website company was one of my bestfriends. She offered me that job because I am really pissed with my current job at that time which is a Customer Service Representative at Globe Telecom. To tell you the truth, I cry a river everyday on my way to Globe that time maybe because that is the first time I'll gonna be working in a call center scenario and I guess I was "culture shocked". Haha, anyway, the reason why I took the job for my friend as a Shop and Travel Associate is because she told me that I would get a compensation benefit after a year that would amount to probably half a  million! Who would not resist such offer, she herself believes in that compensation package promised by the company so I thought it's true which turned out to be fake. Well, back to my previous officemate who asked for my advice, I told her about my experience in that company. My ex bestfriend who used to be my superior didn't know how to treat her employees well. She always get angry at me on a little mistake and always says things like "you need to do good because I'm the one who recommended you to my boss". I still managed  to go to work for three long months until one day, I reached my boiling point. I've talked to her regarding this, told her that I need to resign because a better opportunity presented itself to me. Of course it's an alibi. I just don't like working for her anymore. My self esteem reached the bottom line and I'm not happy anymore. It seems like she is only seeing my mistakes and ignores my hardwork. Of course, I'm kind enough not to say it to her, as a friend, I still want her to feel that I have nothing against her. Surprisingly, she got mad. I cried because she is telling me things like, "ahas ka" or "wala kang utang na loob". I don't deserve being treated like that and to my dismay, I run away from the office crying - pledge to never go back again. I asked my boyfriend to give her my resignation letter and that ended our friendship. I really wasn't able to inform my former officemate about the real deal but I still warned her about working for that company especially when I've learned that she would be under my exbestfriend. Well, I know I should not think much of this, past is past. I'm happy now with what I have and my present job. I just hope that if she would get hired, she won't experience the same thing bad treatment I had with her...


Start with the Hair

I’ve had a few realizations after I’ve read a quote from one of the tweets of my friend…he said that if you want to have something new in your life…do something new. I guess it hit me. I always complain of having a boring life when I really don’t do anything to spice it up. Good point, so now I’ve decided to improve everything in my life. Starting with my hair, haha! I’ve been having some issues with my hair for quite sometime now. It’s so dry! Maybe because I’ve been dying it regularly and when I say regularly, it’s twice a month! LOL. I gues I need to stop harassing my hair. And as a gift for myself and as a starting point… I would buy one of those Babyliss Pro Ceramic Flat Iron for my hair. It promises to create a smooth, shiny and frizz free finish for my hair and even emits reflective ions to revitalize it. I like! I should have thought of it long before my hair got so damaged. The last time I had to pamper my hair was when my sister from Singapore sent me a bottle of Kerastase shampoo and Loreal Leave-In Creame. My hair got really shiny and manageable that time. Maybe I could include those products in my shopping list. I would start to fix my hair … and I’m sure everything else in my life will follow.



We were permitted to go home earlier today. Would you believe, we were vghed one hour after we logged in to the avaya. Whooa! It's like I just came to the office to log in. LOL. Though I'm happy that I was permitted to go home, I'm also half hearted since I would surely have less than normal salary. It's fine actually, Jojo fetched me at the office and we went to Timog for a romantic bonding. I ordered pork sisig while he ate lechon rice. He had one San Mig Light while I prefer drinking Infinite Red. Went home kinda tipsy but still managed to watch half of the movie "queen of the damned". All in all, my day went well. It's nice to unwind once in a while with my hubby. Thank you Lord for this day. Amen.


Janice Is Back!

I, with my college buddies, met last Thursday because our Janice who just came from Dubai had a vacation. We haven't seen her for the longest time so since it's my off, I with my best buddies Ruth and Malen met with her. We first had our videoke session at Redbox...I was surprised that they do have this promo for P99 per 2 hour vedioke session which lasted from 6pm to 8 pm. It's such a fun bonding as we also made a video of ourselves singing the hit song of lady gaga "bad romance". LOL. You could just imagine how we laughed so hard and how tired we are after doing that video. hahaha. After our videoke session, we strolled around and ate at Sumo Sam...we ordered a boodle meal that they call "The Fight". We ordered "The Arena" which comprises of gyoza, beef yakitori, oyster teppan, mixed tempura, chicken teriyaki, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, yasaitame, and Japanese fried rice. This sumptuous meal serves four people. I love their oyster teppan...I had two servings! The Sumo Sam experience is one of the best food trip I've ever had so far.
The Arena


All in all this reunion that we had is fun fun fun! I also had so many realizations about life. I guess I need to focus on what I really want to achieve in life. I need to not worry about the future and live one day at a time. I will discuss more about this realization on my other blog. In totality, I was happy I was able to meet with them after so many years and was able to find out that were still the same "makulit" and "kalog" people we used to be.

the whole gang


Unexpected Christmas Gift

Hey everyone! I'm so happy as I received a post Christmas gift from my longest running friend in the office, Ice. I really didn't expect that she'll gonna give me the "much loved" Starbucks organizer. I can remember how my tl and other teammates go gaga just to have enough stickers so they could claim the planner. So happy...I wonder if I would write in something in there...I don't want to ruin it hahaha. One more thing, my other teammate Chris overheard me saying that I need to also have a precious pen that would match my organizer. Surprisingly, he gave his Starbuck pen! Aw! This must be my lucky day, so many generous people in the office today. Thank you Lord! Amen.


Getting Better

After my shift yesterday, I slept for two hours because I really don't feel like doing anything after what I have discovered. I feel numb already and I feel really tired so I took a nap. Woke up and lunch is ready, of course courtesy of my jojo. Worked on my blogs, changed some templates - making it more adsense friendly. Need to earn as much as I can so I could buy our dream house. Well, I went to my shift today and as expected...we were permitted to go on VGH today...at around 11:30! Wow, I've only worked for 2.5 hours phew! Haha, goodluck on payday. Earlier that shift, Melai shared a sad story to us regarding the wedding of her sister. She even cried while were on avail but she doesn't want to share it to us. I just hope and pray that she is okey. Went home with Joy riding a cab. Jojo fetched me at Jollibee Munoz at around 2 am. Slept at around 4am with an aching tooth, I guess I need to have a temprary tooth refill again. Woke up at around 9:30 am and had a general cleaning. Need to have a clutter free life from now on. Thank you for everything Lord. To you be the glory.



I don’t know what to feel anymore… I feel so low today. I saw a message on my facebook page about this guy I’ve been dating before. Well I can’t really say it’s a romantic date, all I know is that we are always together at a certain period… Watching movies together, going to church together, doing almost everything together…it’s just that we never said the words I love you during those times…I admit, there is a certain feelings that grew deep inside me that I ignored for the longest time. I’ve only realized how much I wanted to be with him when I already resigned from the company where we both work.

Just earlier today, our common friend and former officemate posted something on my wall asking me, him and another friend to have a get together…I would really love to see them again. After all, we used to be friends. Then another friend made a comment on my wall saying I look like his girlfriend now. At first, I was shocked. I didn’t know that he is into a serious relationship right now…second, I didn’t know what reaction I should make knowing I look like her. Well, I admit, I was hurt. Hurt because I guess I still feel something special for this guy and second, because if her girlfriend look like me..why would he not settle for me then. Well, I know this is a wrong feeling, I mean , hey I’m now happy with what I have right now…I should also be happy for him. I’m quite confused right now that I don’t want to talk about it anymore after this. I guess I just need to let this feeling flow…and tomorrow, I would like to totally forget about it. I need to focus my energy into something of more importance. Anyways, I’m happy I was able to blog again…